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5 alternative uses of coffee

Five interesting and alternative ways to use coffee in everyday life. You’ll discover tricks that will definitely change your life



Coffee is part of our food culture and is consumed several times during the day. There are, however, alternative uses of coffee that not everyone knows and that can turn out to be very comfortable, practical and provide a solution to many problems that are often very annoying.

Coffee powder or coffee grounds, obtained after having consumed the beloved beverage, can be extremely useful for dealing with so many problems in everyday life.

Let’s find out, then, five alternative uses of coffee that will be so useful. Small simple tricks to put into practice but that will be very effective.

Neutralize Odors

Coffee powder, just like baking soda, has the ability to absorb unpleasant odors. Precisely for this reason, it will be enough to put some coffee powder inside a small glass and put the latter inside the refrigerator to make sure that the bad smells are absorbed almost by magic.

Fertilize Your Plants

Sprinkling used coffee grounds near the roots of a plant will be an excellent solution to give new life to your plants. You can also use the coffee remnants that remain at the bottom of the cups after diluting them. In fact, the nutrients found inside the coffee favor the growth of plants, especially azaleas, blueberry bushes and rhododendrons.

Natural Cleaning Scrub

Anyone who loves cooking knows how often some smells can remain on the hands of those who cook and can be persistent and therefore very annoying.

For example, by chopping garlic, peeling an onion or leeks you will have noticed a very unpleasant smell that persists on the hands. Just rub a little coffee powder on your hands, also recovered from the grounds, and rinse under running water to solve the problem. In fact, coffee will absorb the bad smell and free your hands.

Clean Kitchen Drains

Coffee grounds can also be used to clean drains. Simply dilute them in water and pour them along the sink drains, the toilet or the bath tubs to clean them and at the same time avoid the formation of persistent and consequently annoying odors.

Move Ants Away

Moving the ants away from the entry of your home is extremely important, especially for those who live in rural areas and therefore often find themselves having to deal with the presence of ants.

Simply spread coffee grounds, previously left to dry, near the access points of your home. If you want to work from the inside, pour the coffee grounds on a saucer and place it near the access point. You can do the same thing near an anthill, even by pouring coffee directly. The smell of coffee, in fact, should discourage ants and consequently make them go away.

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