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5 alternative uses of vinegar

Here are 5 alternative uses of vinegar that will be very useful to you in everyday life. Some of these are really incredible



5 alternative uses of vinegar

Would you ever imagine that there are 5 alternative uses of vinegar? Yes, that ingredient that we usually use to dress the salad and to prepare some dishes can be very useful also in many other aspects of our daily life. It can be, for example, an excellent ally to take care of our skin or our well-being but also for cleaning the house.

So let’s see five alternative uses of vinegar.

Sore throat

If you have a sore throat, which often happens during the winter season when the colds are very frequent and the temperatures are extremely cold, you should know that vinegar can be an excellent remedy.

Take a glass of water, add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of vinegar and mix. The drink thus obtained will have to be drunk and you will soon notice a huge relief.


You can use vinegar to clean several parts of the house. By pouring a little vinegar on a cloth, you can clean faucets, shower walls, steel surfaces, worktops, refrigerators and any soap dish to remove soap residues.

Free dishwasher pipes and filters

Using vinegar can be a great way to take care of the pipes and in particular the dishwasher filters. In fact, at least once a month, add half a glass of vinegar to the wash cycle with a program that uses high temperatures and associated with the normal detergent capsule.

You will notice in no time an improvement in the performance of your dishwasher. Thanks to the vinegar, in fact, the filters will remain well cleaned and this will guarantee the perfect cleaning of your dishes.

For burns

Vinegar can be an excellent remedy against sunburn. If you have burned yourself, take a cotton ball, soak it with vinegar and apply it to the area affected by the burn. Let it act, then remove it and you will soon notice great relief.

Remove limestone

As mentioned before, vinegar is an excellent ally for household cleaning. In particular vinegar is extremely effective in case of limestone accumulations. Immerse in a solution of water and vinegar, with a proportion of 1: 4, and let it work all night. The result will be truly incredible.

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