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DIY: Denim buckets from old jeans

Recycle your old jeans and trasform them in fantastic denim buckets. It’s so easy! A great idea for a gift or just for fun!



DIY: Denim buckets from old jeans

Being able to recycle jeans to create denim buckets can be very useful in everyday life. Often, in fact, we have old jeans at home, which no longer fit or which we no longer like.

In this case, however, these garments can be used to transform them into something completely different that can be very useful in everyday life. Jeans, for example, can be transformed into cute, very comfortable denim buckets that can be used in many different ways. Let’s see how.

How to recycle old jeans

Start with your old jeans, measure for cutting simply by using the distance between the thumb and the little finger as shown in the video. Once the measurement is taken, cut the jeans so as to obtain a smaller part to work on.

With the needle and thread of the color you prefer, sew the lower part about 1 cm from the cut. Once this is done, create side seams to form a bag exactly as shown in the video.

In this way you will close one end so you just need to turn over the container thus obtained, creating a flap of jeans in the upper part that you will then decorate in many different ways, for example using a felt flower, pearls, brooches or sequins of your choice, depending on the use that you intend to make of the denim bucket obtained or as required.

Your denim buckets will be so useful and even fantastic for a special gift. You can, for example, use it to hold your make-up products, to hold pens on your desk, or to use as real empty pockets to contain home keys, machine keys, objects you use every day and never know where to put.


You can create these delicious denim buckets using the type of trousers you prefer or have available. In this way, you can make baskets of various types, also thanks to the decorations.

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