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DIY Lace and Denim Shorts

Easy to make and so original the lace and denim shorts! Here’s how to make it and some useful tips to get a perfect result



DIY Lace and Denim Shorts

Making lace and denim shorts with your own hands can be easier than we might think.

Often we have jeans at home that we no longer like, that we never wear or that we simply want to turn into something different, but still fashionable.

Turning old jeans into shorts with fashionable lace details will be really interesting. In very few steps, with few tools and in a short time, you will, in fact, give life to a new perfect item of clothing for the summer.

First of all, start with an old pair of jeans. Using another pair of shorts that we already have in the closet we take the measurement to make the cut.

Once the cut has been made, use an eyebrow tweezer to fray the edge a little and then with a nail file finished. Shorten the longer threads with a pair of scissors for a really perfect result.

Once this is done, all you have to do is switch to decoration. Take some special fabric glue and apply it inside the jeans, near the cut. Attach the lace and let it dry for about 30 minutes.

At this point, your lace and denim shorts are ready to be used.


It is important that the cut is made at the right length to avoid mistakes. Use the type and color of lace you prefer based on the final result you want to achieve.

If you wish, instead of the fabric glue, you can decide to sew the lace with a needle and thread. In this way, it will be more resistant. Other interesting DIYs? Satin ribbon roses or denim buckets from old jeans will be a great idea!!

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