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DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Useful tips to breate marbled nail polish mugs! The result is amazing! A great idea for na homemade gift. Here’s what you need to know.



DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs Cover

Decorating the cups with nail polish can be a great idea to get colorful, special and original cups that you can also give on special occasions.

The technique is very simple and uses an object that all women have at home, or glazes of various colors depending on the final effect you want to achieve. A few minutes of preparation, few tools and all very simple to use for a truly wonderful result.

You can literally indulge in your imagination so you can make cups that are always different, depending on the seasons, tastes but also on the occasions when you intend to use them or give them away.

You need:

  • white mugs
  • nail polish
  • a bowl
  • hot water
  • toothpick


Decorating the cups with nail polish is much easier than you might think. The end result seems to be the result of a very complex job but in reality, the technique is really very simple.

First of all heat the water. Pour it in a bowl, which must be large enough not only to contain the water but also the cup. Pour some drops of nail polish, using two different colors, in the bowl. Using a simple toothpick, mix the two colors, creating small concentric centers and, without waiting too long, go straight to the decoration.

Take your cup, which must be completely white, and dip it for a few seconds, turning it over and making sure that the nail polish adheres well over the entire surface, creating the pattern you most prefer.

Before removing the cup from the bowl with water, you will need to remove the excess nail polish using a toothpick. Leave the cup so decorated to dry until you can touch it without leaving any burrs. Continue this way using more colors and decorating the cups in many different ways. Free your imagination.


Should there be any small smudges you can correct using a simple nail polish remover.

For a long-lasting result wash the cups by hand, not in the dishwasher because high temperatures could ruin the decoration you have created.

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