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DIY Rope Bowl

Just some vinavil, water and rope to create a fantastic bowl! Let’s find out to make a fantastic rope bowl. it will also be a great gift!



Making a rope bowl will be a great way to make a special container that looks good.

You will need a few ingredients and, above all, a few simple steps to create a truly extraordinary result, perfect also for creating decorative elements at home.

First of all, create the water and Vinavil solution. You will need to use a part of Vinavil and two parts of water and mix well. Adjust the amount of compound to be made based on the size of the bowl.

Now that you have made the solution, take the rope and add it to a container with the freshly prepared mixture. Make sure that the entire rope is completely covered with the liquid.

At this point, take the bowl that you are going to use as the base of your creation and place it upside down on the work table. Cover it with plastic wrap. Usually, this type of decoration is used to make fairly small rope bowls.

Starting from the lower part, spread with a brush the Vinavil and start applying the string around the bowl. Be accurate enough in this phase to make sure that the rope turns are very homogeneous.

Once this operation is finished, brush the other Vinavil on the rope to secure everything and let it dry completely. Drying times may vary depending on the season of the year you are in and therefore the temperature in the home.

It may even take a whole day so don’t rush to use your rope bowl. Drying times will also depend on the type of rope you have used and how much liquid it has absorbed.

Now all you have to do is remove the bowl and the film and you will have obtained a really extraordinary rope bowl.

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