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DIY satin ribbon roses: how to make them

Perfect and beautiful satin ribbon roses! They can be used to decorate packages or for placeholders. It’s so easy to make!



DIY satin ribbon roses: how to make them

Making satin roses is extremely simple and also very fast, no special tools will be needed but the end result will be effective and very versatile.

They can be used for placeholders, as in this case, but also to make wedding favors, to decorate packages or for many other different occasions ranging from marriage to other occasions, such as baptisms or communions.

Let’s see what to do.

Materials Needed

  • satin ribbon (2.5 cm wide and 75 cm long)
  • pearls
  • hot glue


Start weaving the tape as shown in the video by alternating the two halves of the tape used.

Step 1

At this point, fold the last part of the tape inwards, let the braided part away and then pull the free end of the tape to create the rose.

Step 2

Pull very carefully to make sure that all the weaves are in place to create the various petals of your rose.

Once this is done, use hot glue in the center of your rose and then apply the pearl.

Step 3

Make a slight pressure so that the pearl adheres to the fabric thanks to the action of hot glue and at this point add your placeholder cards so as to make the DIY roses really perfect as a placeholder for your wedding.

Step 4


Use the type of tape you prefer. You’ll get always a great result, maybe a smaller rose.

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