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How to make slime: tips and tricks

Slime at home is really easy. Just follow some small tips and tricks



Anyone who has children wonders how to make a slime at home. Yes, it is a real craze that is spreading among the youngest, conquered by the consistency of the slime, by its many versions and by the many uses.

A real anti-stress, perfect at all ages.

There are many recipes for making slime at home, but not all of them allow you to create a result that is identical to the original. Many, in fact, hope to understand how to make slime without detergent or a slime without glue but in both cases the result may not be identical to the original.

It is important, therefore, to use the right ingredients to get a perfect homemade slime. So let’s see how to do it and some tips.

How to make slime at home

If you are trying to figure out how to make slime at home, you should know that it is actually much simpler than you might think and above all you will need a few ingredients. First add 100 g of vinavil glue in a small bowl. Then add the acrylic, adding the quantity based on the final color you want to get.

You can literally indulge in fantasy, using the colors you prefer and creating different slimes, according to the needs of your children. Once this is done, add three tablespoons of laundry detergent, trying to mix before adding another spoon, so that it is well absorbed into the mixture.

Keep stirring and you will slowly see the slime taking shape under your eyes. This, in fact, will start to detach from the bowl’s walls, a sign that it is now ready to be used.

What slime is

Now that we have seen how to make the slime let’s talk about it. Lots of tutorials to make slimes on the web, so many kids and kids go crazy for it!

In reality, it is necessary to make some distinctions. There’s also the skifidol slime, which has a much more viscous and liquid consistency, or how the fluffy slime that, instead, has a more compact consistency than the classic slime.

There are all kinds on the market, with various colors but also with various fragrances. The little ones are really crazy about it.


Since the slime contains detergent and glue it is important not to ingest parts of it, just like you do for what you buy in stores.

Use the quantity of acrylic carefully and, if you prefer, you can use a few drops of liquid food coloring. The result will still be great and you will have a really perfect slime.

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