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Ice cream stick bookmarks

Do not throw away the ice cream sticks! You can easily transform them in colored and funny bookmarks. Find out how to make them!



Ice cream stick bookmarks

Making ice cream stick bookmarks is an alternative to ready-made bookmarks.

Among the objects that can be more easily achieved with one’s own hands in everyday life, there are certainly bookmarks.

Even the little ones, in fact, especially when they start reading their first books, enjoy making DIY bookmarks, pushing their imagination, coloring and drawing characters and animals of their choice.

Making bookmarks with ice cream sticks is a very simple idea, easy to make even with the little ones. It will, therefore, be a way to engage children for example during the summer season, when school commitments end.

Take the ice cream sticks and color them using tempera or acrylic colors. You can use several different colors and create bookmarks that are all different.

Once this is done you need some pasta that must be colored according to the decoration you used for the sticks. Let dry well and at this point dedicate yourself to the final decoration.

Put some pearls in the colored thread and cut them to a length of about 7 cm. Close the ends with small knots so that the beads do not come out and hold them firmly.

Once this is done, take back the colored stick and fix the colored string using hot glue. Fix the pasta with the same glue. Let dry and at this point the ice cream stick bookmarks are ready and thanks to the beads they will have an imaginative, colorful and fun effect perfect even for the little ones.


It is important to respect the drying times not to ruin the final result.

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