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Use 6 yogurt jars and create something very useful

With just 6 empty yogurt jars you can create something so useful. A great idea so easy to make! Find out more to get an incredible result!



Use 6 yogurt jars and create something very useful

In recent years people talk more and more frequently about techniques to reduce the rubbish that ends up in landfills or incinerators. This is why recycling becomes more and more important. Creative recycling can, therefore, be a great way to reuse objects that would otherwise be thrown away and also save money.

The most common objects, as in this case empty yogurt jars, can be used in an alternative way. How many times have you thrown away a yogurt jar? Thanks to the idea shown in this video, with a little manual skill you can get a really excellent result in no time.

The protagonist of this video, for example, glues together 6 yogurt jars using hot glue and places the newly created object inside a drawer, using it as an object holder and drawer organizer. Obviously, this is an idea that allows you to create modular object holders according to your needs, for example, you can glue 12 or 24 and better organize every corner of your home.

An incredible life hack just like something to use instead of the classic curtain rod or a technique to make the bed with no fatigue!

An idea from which you can take inspiration, then, and that can only be the beginning of a long series of homemade objects, colorful and sensational! Therefore, let your imagination free to give life to small masterpieces with your own hands.

You can create something useful in your everyday life with little effort. Thanks to ideas like this we can respect the environment, reducing waste, and also save money. It’s perfect!

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDITS: Youtube – Gingerlife

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