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How to cook grilled eggs in a short time

A great idea to cook grilled eggs in a short time. They are perfect for breakfast or to prepare a fantastic dish with little effort. Find out more



How to cook grilled eggs in a short time

Eggs are certainly one of the most essential and basic ingredients for the preparation of many dishes, both sweet and savory. In fact, they are the basis for many desserts, but they can also be used for the preparation of many savory dishes or they can even be a real second course that sees them as protagonists.

The eggs, in fact, can be cooked in many ways, becoming luscious omelettes or maintaining their structure and remaining however tantalizing and very greedy.

In some areas of the world, in particular, eggs are consumed since breakfast, accompanied by slices of toasted bread or grilled bacon. A video, however, shows us an alternative technique to cook eggs in a very fast way but keeping their sweet tooth.

This video shows us what a man does to cook eggs. In fact, this man uses not a classic pan but a grill that lets him obtain an excellent result without adding other fats and therefore making his preparation less caloric.

A simple preparation that will amaze everyone for its speed, which will, therefore, be perfect also for those who have little time to spend cooking, especially in the morning.

Often small tricks like this allow us to prepare even more complex and elaborated recipes in a short time and consequently with little effort. It will be interesting even what happens when you put a cob inside the microwave. Also, in this case, it is a very simple basic ingredient that can be used and cooked in many different ways but in this case what happens inside the microwave will surely surprise you. Perfect even a great technique to devein a shrimp without peeling it.

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