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How to devein a shrimp without peeling it. You just need a toothpick

A very useful trick in the kitchen to clean and devein shrimps in no time. You just need a toothpick! Incredibly easy and fast



How to devein a shrimp without peeling it. You just need a toothpick

Whoever cookes, for work or simply for passion, knows how boring some steps of preparation are. Many ingredients, in fact, need to be cleaned and prepared before cooking them. Sometimes this can be so boring!

Grating, cleaning, washing and slicing vegetables can be boring, can’t it? What about cleaning and deveining shrimps?

Thanks to the technique shown in this video you can get a perfect result in no time and with little effort. You will only need one toothpick and you will be able to have your shrimp deveined in a few minutes without peeling them.

A few simple steps to get a perfect result. Your shrimp will then be ready to be used for your recipes. Isn’t it easy?

The most expert know many of these little tricks that simplify the most complex or boring preparations like this. For the less experienced, however, they will be really essential in order to get a really excellent result even with little experience.

Having perfectly cleaned shrimps will no longer be a problem thanks to this simple technique. What else could you ask for?

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