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Put a corn on the cob inside the microwave. The result will make you drool!

What happens when you put a cob in the microwave? You will get an amazing result in no time. A brilliant and amazing trick!



Put a corn on the cob inside the microwave. The result will make you drool!

A corn on the cob can always be very pleasant to consume. Cooking it is usually not a very demanding thing, it does not require much time and above all it is not too difficult and consequently does not require great culinary skills.

Usually, however, it is the preparatory part of cooking that can be particularly tedious and long. Usually, in fact, you need to open the cob, clean it of the threads that cover it and then cook it.

A video, however, shows us a really crazy trick, which will help you during this preparatory phase and above all that will let you get a perfect cooking in just five minutes.

The images, in fact, show us a very simple technique, which only involves the use of the microwave oven and no other tools. The cob, in fact, will still be inserted completely inside the microwave and must remain inside for at least three minutes. Then one of the two ends will be eliminated keeping the cob still intact.

This, in fact, will come out perfectly clean, without internal filaments but above all perfectly cooked and ready to be crunched, perhaps adding other seasonings, or simply a pinch of salt. A very simple technique that won’t make you waste too much time.

Small tips and tricks like this allow us to achieve excellent results in no time. Even the most complex recipe will become a piece of cake.

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