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Put the eggs in a food bag. What you will prepare is delicious!

An omelette ready in a few minutes and without dirtying too much? This solution will work for you and will give you a really perfect result!



Put the eggs in a food bag. What you will prepare is delicious!

Eggs are a food widely used in the food culture of many countries. The methods for cooking eggs are really many and all very special. With these, in fact, you can prepare wonderful omelettes, poached eggs, but above all many desserts, such as meringues or cakes or biscuits.

It is, therefore, one of those foods that never fails at home and above all is extremely versatile and allows us to always have a trump card for the preparation of dishes that are also very simple and genuine.

A video shows us a very simple recipe, so simple that it’s almost impossible to be wrong. The images show us the beginning of the preparation. It starts from the eggs that are broken and placed inside a bag, which is usually used to freeze food.

Add other ingredients, in this case cheese, cooked ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes and sauce, but this same recipe could be made in many variations, for example using other vegetables or other ingredients.

The bag is then closed and placed in boiling water for about 10 minutes. The images show us the final result leaving us really speechless. With very little effort, in fact, and just dirtying a bag, which will also be thrown away and should not be washed, a very delicious omelette was obtained.

Little tricks like this allow us to renew our menus and to bring different dishes to the family on special occasions. You don’t need great skills to amaze our guests but simply a bit of inventiveness and a great desire to give life to incredible dishes.

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