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Scratch potatoes with a fork. Here’s how to cook them perfectly

Baking potatoes in a short time and to perfection may seem trivial but it is not at all. Here is a little trick to do it better



Scratch potatoes with a fork. Here's how to cook them perfectly

We all make baked potatoes, even those who cook just because they need to. Preparing meals is, in fact, essential.

Often, however, even the simplest recipes, the basic ones we prepare every day have tricks that can be fundamental to obtain a perfect result that makes those dishes more tasty and delicious.

In particular, to jet crispy and well-cooked baked potatoes, there are some little tricks that great chefs use and that many of us don’t know.

A video shows us one of these tricks. Start with the potatoes that should be washed and peeled, divided in half and then scratched with the tines of a fork.

It is a very simple trick, available to everyone, but it will give us the possibility to add a touch of professionalism to your dish, even if it is simply classic baked potatoes. The preparation will be really simple and guarantees an even better but above all even more professional result.

A very simple preparation but that will let you quickly get a fantastic result, which will amaze your guests and will allow you to serve something that no one expects in a very short time and without too much effort. Amazing!!

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