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5 alternative uses of lip balm

There are several and incredible alternative uses of lip balm. It will be very useful in many occasions. Let’s find out how to use it



Especially in winter, lip balm is often used to soften lips and protect them from the cold.

Sometimes, however, the most common objects, the ones we use most often, reserve the best surprises. Discovering the 5 alternative uses of lip balm, for example, will be a great surprise for all those who use it constantly during the day.

In fact, it will be useful not only to protect our lips but also to solve many other small problems or to help us in particular situations.

Soften Cuticles

All women know very well that when you are doing manicure or you are going to put on nail polish or make nail art it is important to take care first of the cuticles.

We must first soften them: the lip balm will be really perfect. Just take the normal stick of lip balm, rub it lightly on the cuticles and let stand for a couple of minutes. In fact, the lip balm will soften them perfectly.

Fix makeup mistakes

Every woman knows that with makeup errors are always around the corner. It is very common to dirty some areas of the face. For example, it often happens to dirty the eyelids with mascara. What to do in these cases?

Simply rub a little lip balm on a cotton swab or napkin and rub on the dirty part. In this way, you will correct the error in no time without taking away all the makeup.

Treatment for dry skin

If your hands are constantly cracking in the winter due to cold or redness or if elbows and heels are particularly dry and cracked, even in this case the lip balm will be providential. In fact, it can be used to soften the skin in areas that need it.

Perfect eyebrows

Often the eyebrows are not able to stay well in order and appear a little rebellious or disheveled. To be able to keep them perfectly in order you can apply a small amount of lip balm so that you can fix them and make them perfect.

Make your perfume last longer

Apply a bit of lip balm on the part of the body where you want to spray your perfume so as to fix it after having sprayed it and make the aroma last longer.

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