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A water-and-soap girl wants to look “different”. Here’s her transformation

This girl prefers not to use make-up but when she decides to do it her transformation is incredible. Its appearance changes completely. You will not believe your eyes



A water-and-soap girl wants to look “different”. Here’s her beautiful transformation

Make-up is something that many women cannot give up. There are many, in fact, girls and even women who are unable to leave home without having first improved their faces with a veil of powder and a little lipstick on their lips. Making a black mask or using specific products can be a fantastic idea!

In the same way, there are very confident women who prefer a soap and water beauty and think that make up is just a way to appear and to attract more attention than necessary.

This is the philosophy of life of the girl protagonist of this video that, despite firmly believing in natural beauty, has decided to want to break this principle for once and see herself a little different from the usual.

To make this transformation, the girl decided to rely on the skilled hands of a famous make-up artist who, after studying the details of her face and understanding how to improve her lines and forms with makeup, put on at work.

Product after product, brush after brush, this girl’s face has begun to take on decidedly more beautiful and attractive colors and shades: the final result can only leave you literally speechless and has conquered even this girl’s heart.

Make-up often helps women feel more valued and therefore more self-confident. This does not mean, however, that one cannot do without it and focus water and soap on one’s own beauty.

In addition, make-up can be used to mitigate blemishes and minor imperfections that would otherwise make us feel very uncomfortable in everyday life. For this reason, even a belly cream could be a good way to take care of our body.

A very important tool, therefore, that must be used with awareness in the best way.

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