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DIY Black mask

Made with natural ingredients, the black mask will help your skin. Here’s how to make it and some useful tips to get a great result



The black mask is ideal for taking care of your skin in a natural way, without using very aggressive products that can ruin your skin and give it shine and softness.

Making a black mask at home is much easier than you might think. The origins of the famous black mask are very ancient and belong to China but in a short time this beauty technique has spread all over the world.

It is a very simple mask to make, with very few ingredients but that gives life to a truly incredible result in no time.

You need

  • 3 charcoal tablets
  • 3 sheets gelatin
  • 2 and ½ tablespoons warm milk

Sheets gelatin


First of all, reduce in half the sheets of gelatin and soak them in plenty of cold water for about ten minutes. This black mask does not use Vinavil, an ingredient that is sometimes used for this type of product, but a more natural product is preferred.

After 10 minutes, the gelatin will be soft so you can squeeze it well and put in a bowl with two and a half tablespoons of hot milk. Mix with a spoon until the gelatin has dissolved perfectly.

Using a glass, crush the charcoal so as to obtain a fine powder that you will have to add to the previously created mixture. Mix until you have obtained a perfectly homogeneous liquid.

Homogeneous cream

Once this is done, apply the compound thus obtained to the face, insisting in particular on the T zone, ie on the forehead, chin and nose.

Be careful not to apply it to your lips or eyes because you could cause irritation.

It is important that the black mask rests for about 20 minutes before starting to unplug it. After the laying period, you can start to peel off the skin that will have formed in this way.

Once this operation is completed and the mask is completely removed, just moisturize the skin with a special cream and massage to remove any residues.

Mask removal


The resting time of the mask is important so that a perfect skin can be formed and removed easily.

It is important that the layer you are going to create is not too. If you have difficulty you can use a little warm water by applying with cotton pads.

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