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DIY Oreo Lip balm

A fantastic idea to make a homemade lip balm! This Oreo Lip balm is particular, perfect for an original gift. Let’s see how to make it



DIY Oreo Lip balm

Making the Oreo lip balm is a home-made alternative to the classic cocoa butter we use to keep our lips soft.

A few and simple ingredients will be used, totally edible, which will therefore allow us to use this lip balm to make our lips softer but also for a small sweet note to add to our daily routine.

You need

  • 3 teaspoons cocoa butter
  • 3 Oreos
  • 1 empty lip balm


Take the Oreos and separate the cream and the biscuits.

Add three teaspoons of cocoa butter to the bowl together with the Oreo cream. Then put in the microwave until the two ingredients have dissolved perfectly.

The time required to obtain this result may vary depending on the microwave oven used and its power. However, it is important to constantly monitor the compound during this operation to prevent it from burning.

Once a perfectly melted compound is obtained, you can also add the crumbled biscuits.

Pour the mixture obtained into an empty lip balm and let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour. During this time, in fact, the compound that you have previously created will be compacted and you will have created a very tasty and particular Oreo lip balm. The rest time in the refrigerator is very important to get a perfect result, as for the homemade belly cream.


It is important that the biscuits you crumble inside the mixture are very fine to avoid a coarser result. Pay attention to the passage in the microwave because if the mixture burns you will have to start again because it will no longer be usable. Remember you can even use lip balm in alternative ways

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