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Flowers nail art using bobby pins

Do you like nail art? This is a brilliant and so easy to make technique to create a flowers nail art using just a bobby pin!



Flowers nail art using bobby pins

Nail art is an increasingly widespread technique nowadays and women of all ages never miss an opportunity to decorate their nails in an original and particular way.

Making flowers with a bobby pin can be a really convenient and easy-to-make trick for all those people who want to make their nails special but without an expert in the field.

A very simple technique, which does not involve the use of typical tools of nail art and which can, therefore, be truly affordable for everyone. The tools used are, in fact, very simple, present in every home but the final result will be original and can be declined in many different variations playing with the colors and with the possible decorations.

So let’s see how to make flowers nail art using bobby pins.

You need:

  • a bobby pin
  • toothpick
  • transparent nail polish
  • colored nail polish
  • top coat


Start applying a transparent base on the nails so as to protect them. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, whether bleaching, strengthening or a simple transparent base.

When the base is dry apply the polish of the chosen color. In this case, a nude color was chosen but you can, of course, decide to use the color shade you prefer.

If, however, you decide to use a brighter color, it may also be sufficient to apply a single layer of nail polish.

Let the nail polish dry and at this point make your nail art with the bobby pin. Take a simple bobby pin and use the tip as a real dotter. Dip the tip of your bobby pin in a little bit of white nail polish, but even in this case you can play with colors depending on the variations you want to make or the basic color you have chosen. The so dipped bobby pin will be used to form four dots positioned very close to each other and which will then form the petals of your flower.

Without waiting for the nail polish to dry, take a toothpick and draw a line that starts from the center of each dot and goes outwards. In this way, you will make the petals. Continue in this way with all the dots.

Once this is done, pick up your bobby pin, dip it again in the white nail polish and create more dots on the edge of the nail to create an even more complete and particular decoration. Wait for the nail polish to dry and just apply the transparent topcoat to finalize and finish your nail art.


Use the toothpick before the white nail polish dries because otherwise the effect would no longer be possible. Do not dip the bobby pin too much into the white nail polish to avoid an overly heavy and heavy effect.

As said at the beginning you can play with the colors and then create floral nail art with a different bobby pin.

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