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How to clean beauty tools

Beauty tools are essential for every woman to take care of her body and hair. Here’s how to preserve and clean them perfectly



How to clean beauty tools

Once in a lifetime we asked ourselves how to clean beauty tools to preserve them over time and to make them always perfect.

Hair and make-up brushes or hair-dryers and hair straighteners, in fact, are part of every woman’s daily life but like all the tools we use it is necessary to take care of them cleaning them and guaranteeing continuous maintenance. Only in this way, in fact, will it be possible to have always perfect beauty tools.

So let’s see how to clean beauty tools often with very simple techniques and with few ingredients.

Hair Brushes

Using dirty brushes is not only unpleasant but also unhygienic. It is therefore important to first remove the hair that remains on the brush and then periodically wash it so as to eliminate any impurities and germs on the surface.

The brushes will be immersed inside a basin where you have poured warm water, baking soda and hair shampoo. Use an old toothbrush or a nail brush to remove all the impurities on the surface of your brushes and clean them thoroughly. Once cleaned, leave them dry completely.


We know well that during its use different dust residues accumulate at the back of the hair dryer. For this reason, the filter must always be kept under control and periodically cleaned to prevent the hair dryer from overheating, thus ruining our hair.

When the filter is dirty, clean it using an old toothbrush. In just a few moments it will come back like new.

Make-up brushes

Make-up brushes are used to apply various beauty products, from eye shadows to lipstick or foundation. Even these instruments, however, should be washed very often, at least once a week because germs are deposited on their surface that could ruin our skin.

Furthermore, dirty brushes do not allow us to have a flawless result. For example, the brushes we use for eye shadows may contain traces of eye shadows of various colors and thus ruin the final result.

There are various brush cleaning products on sale but you can also simply use a plastic plate and hot glue. How? On the surface of the plastic plate create small drawings with hot glue. Let it dry and then wash the brushes by rubbing them gently on the surface of the dish. The hot glue, solidifying, will create the right friction to make your brushes clean up perfectly.

Once washed the brushes will be left to dry laying them on a flat surface upside down. Let the brushes dry well, leaving them aside for a whole night, so as to have a perfect result.

Hair straightener and curling irons

Even hair straightener and curling iron we use everyday to take care of our hairstyles need to be cleaned from time to time.

Even in this case, in fact, the residues of products that we have previously used can ruin our hair. Use a simple kitchen sponge to remove any residue, to be used on the softer side to avoid scratching the plate, and ethyl alcohol. Finally, wipe your straightener or curling iron with a clean towel to get a perfect result and a perfectly clean surface.

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