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How to dry nail polish faster

Are you alays in a hurry? Find out some tricks and tips to dry your nail polish faster. You won’t believe your eyes. It’s so easy!



How to dry nail polish faster

Drying nail polish quickly is often a real necessity for women who have little time to care of themselves but who do not want to give up having a pleasant appearance and in particular well-groomed hands.

Understanding how to put the nail polish in the best way is very important but just as useful will be tricks to dry the nail polish faster but getting an impeccable result. If, therefore, you want to speed up this operation, here are some useful tips that you will need in everyday life.

Cool air

The cold air accelerates the drying and, consequently, a hairdryer can be very useful. In this case, however, it will be necessary to use the cold function, therefore setting the hairdryer to the lowest temperature and keeping it at a distance of about 15 cm from the hands.

In this way, therefore, the jet of cold air will dry faster the nail polish, in less than 2 minutes.

Cold water

It is known that nail polish dries better thanks to low temperatures. Just as cold air is effective in the same way it is cold water, even better if with ice.

Fill a bowl with water and ice cubes, apply the nail polish on the nails and at the end of the application immerse your hands in ice water for two minutes. In this way, in fact, the nail polish will dry and fix well in a few minutes.


Even seed or olive oil can help us when we need to quickly dry the nail polish and we don’t have enough time for this to happen in natural times.

Dip your fingers in a bowl or a glass for a few seconds, which you have previously filled with oil, chosen from seeds or olive. Then rinse with cold water and pat dry with a towel.

In addition, the oil creates a protective layer that not only will dry the nail polish quickly but will preserve it and make it last even longer. Furthermore, the soothing and emollient action of the oil will also soften the cuticles.

Moreover, thanks to its properties, olive oil strengthens the nails and keeps them healthier over time. Precisely for this reason it will be an excellent ally to take care of our hands and manicure.

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