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Six months before a heart attack our body sends us signals: these are the ones that should not be overlooked

Our body constantly sends us signals to warn us if something is wrong. Here’s how to recognize a heart attack and what to do



Six months before a heart attack our body sends us signals: these are the ones that should not be overlooked

The heart attack is the arrest of blood flow in the heart muscle due to a rupture or arterial clot. The most common symptoms are: chest pain, back pain, unconsciousness, cold sweat and shortness of breath.

In some cases, however, the body sends signals even several months before such an event occurs. Here are the signs that should not be overlooked.

Arm Numbness

In most cases, cardiovascular diseases radiate to the upper extremities with feelings of weakness or tingling. Contact a doctor immediately if this happens.

Breathing problems

The difficulty in breathing can have several reasons, but it should not be overlooked because it means that the lungs do not receive enough oxygen. We need to understand why this happens.

Old man with heart attack

Old man with heart attack


It is necessary to distinguish the physiological one, that is, generated by a concrete reason, from the pathological one, that is to say a state of agitation without reason. In the second case it would be consult a specialist.

Constant fatigue

It is normal to feel tired after a busy day at work or after sport and this certainly should not alarm us. If, however, fatigue lasts too long, or does not have a cause, it is good to consult your doctor because there is probably something wrong.


It can happen to not digest well after a meal, different is the case in which this condition begins to become almost habitual. In fact, it could be an alarm bell that should not be ignored.

Group of people with instructor practicing CPR on mannequin at first aid class indoors

Sleep disorders

Stress can cause insomnia, you know, but if you frequently find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, with thirst and urgency to urinate, you need to understand what the causes could be.

These symptoms, therefore, are extremely important and must be taken into consideration in order to understand in time whether our heart is fatigued. Undergoing examinations or specialist visits could save our lives.

In the event that a family member or simply a person crossed in the street has an illness, you must immediately check if he is breathing or if he is no longer reactive. Immediately call for help by giving this information to healthcare professionals.

It is very important to perform cardiac massage: kneel beside the person lying down and practice about 100 compressions per minute. The movement generated by the outstretched arms and the pressure below the chest keeps the blood circulating, thus protecting the vital organs from necrotic damage.

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