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85-year-old woman ask her sons to lay her down. What happens is unforgettable

A unique birthday gift that will make us understand how old people often want to be children again. Moving and wonderful images



85-year-old woman ask her sons to lay her down. What happens is unforgettable

When you grow up, especially for women, it is no longer pleasant to celebrate your birthday because every year that passes adds a few wrinkles and a pains that no longer allows you to do whatever you want.

What, then, can an elderly woman want as a gift for her 85th birthday? This is what this woman’s sons was wondering after their mother’s request. What this video shows you will leave you speechless.

The woman, in fact, choses a very special gift, something she would have liked to do when she was a child and that for various reasons has never been able to. You will never imagine what it is.

She therefore asked her sons to drive around and reach a place where there was a lot of snow. Once in place, the woman asked to get out of the car and immediately asked them to lie on the ground, right on the cold and freezing snow.

One of her sons took over the scene, unique, moving and unforgettable. The woman has in fact begun to move her arms to make the classic angel on the snow, something that generally children do and that this woman had desired for 85 years.

A touching, wonderful scene that shows us how sometimes happiness can be made up of small things. In fact, this 85-year-old woman had to lie on the ground and feel the contact with the snow to feel happy. No expensive gifts, nothing material, just a feeling that was more important to her than anything.

All this, in the company of her sons, was a truly magical moment!

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