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During the first dance the groom collapses. An unforgettable moment!

The classic first dance during the wedding day became something incredible. Suddently the goom collapses. What happens next is amazing!



During the first dance the groom collapses. An unforgettable moment!

When a boy and a girl decide to get married, they immediately start thinking about their wedding day and how to make it unique, special and unforgettable, both for them and for the guests who certainly won’t have to get bored.

What the bride and groom in this video made is incredible. Not only they thought about the color of the decorations, music and the type of entertainment to make the banquet pleasant and cheerful. They decided to amaze their guests with something incredible.

The two spouses who are the protagonists of this video are well aware of this: they are two people of an extrovert and particularly cheerful character. He is a magician by profession, she is a photographer: both have the art flowing in their veins and their wedding day could not fail to have an artistic touch.

During the banquet, in fact, the two spouses decided to personally entertain the guests with a breathtaking spectacle that sent everyone into a frenzy. What should have been the classic first dance of the spouses has instead turned into a noteworthy performance that can only leave you speechless.

Once again the demonstration of how beautiful it is to be able to create your wedding without patterns, doing the most unusual things as long as they are fun. It is often the details that make an event unique, even when it is a wedding.

These spouses wanted to amaze their guests with something unusual, which is not seen every day but which they will certainly remember forever. They really succeded!

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