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Mom tells him not to touch the glass. What the baby does is amazing!

Mom keeps telling him not to touch the glass. But the little baby just can’t resist and continues to try. Adorable and so sweet!



Mom tells him not to touch the glass. What the baby does is amazing!

Every mother spends most of her day teaching her child what is right to do and what should never be done. But the little ones often seem to completely ignore the orders given by their parents.

Our children understand very well what needs to be done and what should not be done. From the tone of mom and dad they understand if it’s an order or a warning.

But the little baby in this video really seems to be oblivious to his mother’s orders. The baby is walking around the table when he suddenly sees a glass and walks towards it.

The little one tries to get close to the glass to be able to take it but the mother repeats several times not to do it. The reaction of the small baby and his face is really incredible. All this makes us understand how clever he is.

The child, in fact, seems totally unconcerned to his mother’s orders, continuing his intent to approach that glass which for him represents a goal to be achieved.

Children are an inexhaustible source of surprise. They know how to conquer us with their sweetness and their tenacity that leads them to work hard to reach their goals.

For this child that glass represents an important goal and the fact that his mother forbids him makes everything even more interesting.

Credits Video: Youtube – AFV

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