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She wears for a year a necklace her boyfriend gave her. Then she discovers what he has hidden inside it

For a year she wore a necklace that her boyfriend had given her not knowing what there was inside. An incredible surprise



She wears for a year a necklace her boyfriend gave her. Then she discovers what he has hidden inside it

The story we are going to tell you and that is documented by a video shows that romantic people still exist and that they would do anything to make every moment of their life as a couple special, banning boredom and routine.

Anna knows it well. Since she has been with her boyfriend Terry every day she has always felt different emotions. One of them deserves to be remembered.

After a year of engagement and after realizing that Anna was the person with whom he wanted to share the rest of his years, Terry decided to give her a necklace. It was not a necklace like any other, it had no particular value if not merely affective.

It was not a precious jewel, it had been handmade by him using a piece of wood, but Anna loved that necklace and almost considered it a lucky charm and for this reason she wore it every day.

After about a year and a half from that moment, Terry took Anna to visit the cave of Smoo, a place that for a long time dreamed of seeing whose charm lies precisely in its meaning: smoo in Norwegian means hidden refuge.

It was at that moment that Terry opened the pendant and extracted the ring under Anna’s incredulous eyes to ask her to become his wife. A truly moving story that ended with a “yes”.

For all that time Anna had the ring around her neck that her boyfriend wanted to give her to ask her to marry him. A very romantic gesture, an emotion studied and programmed over time that demonstrates the indissoluble love that binds this couple.

A very exciting moment that Anna and Terry will certainly remember for the rest of their lives. There are moments that deserve to be remembered in the best way and such situations make them absolutely indelible.

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