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Some guys dance an Irish dance: then the fifth dancer enters the stage and things change

An incredible and amazing Irish dance and some great performance. What they do on stage will leave you speachless. You won’t beleve your eyes



Some guys dance an Irish dance: then the fifth dancer enters the stage and things change

Every city has its traditions, its own culture that identifies it and makes it unique compared to the other corners of the world. The language, food and wine, music, folklore and ancient popular traditions are without a doubt the most beautiful aspects and nuances to be captured when visiting a country.

Dance plays a very important role in many cultures, some of which base many of their traditions on it

An example of this is the Irish dance that has become famous all over the world thanks to the performances of some well-known dance companies such as “Lord of the dance” or the “Riverdance” by Mickael Flatley, whose steps are performed on the notes of traditional music Irish.

In this video, we will not see the usual dance performance, one of many that can now be seen on the stages of the many talent shows. This clip, recorded in Dublin’s Irish dance championship, held in 2017, shows a performance that can only leave you speechless and keep you with your eyes glued to the screen until the last second.

On the stage, enter the Fusion Fighters, a crew that literally sent the audience into delirium because of their extraordinary talent that allows them to move their feet to the rhythm of music and with amazing harmony and synchrony.

The dance knows how to give life to an exciting show that captures the attention of everyone, adults and children. That’s why even bride and groom dance during their wedding day. It has the ability to conquer us immediately and for many, it is a great passion that can even become a job. What these dancers do is incredible and will drive you crazy.Even children love dancing and when they do it the result is amazing!

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDITS: Youtube – FusionFighters

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