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The groom confesses to love someone else. Then the bride breaks in tears

An exciting moment and above all a great demonstration of love that must make us think. What happens can only move us to tears!



The groom confesses to love someone else and turns toward a guest. Then the bride breaks in tears

The wedding day is so exciting for the bride and groom! From that day on they form a new family and start a new life hand in hand, whatever happens.

All this has no age, no nationality and above all no differences. In fact, the wedding day remains indelible in the memory of every married couple. But a video shows us what happened during the marriage of a young Portuguese couple.

Jessica and Jefferson, in fact, arrived on the altar to exchange promises and form a new family. Their wedding ceremony, however, suddenly became very unique and completely different from the others.

What happened? During the promises, in fact, the two were ready to become husband and wife when Jefferson decides to make a truly incredible confession, which no one would have expected.

In fact, Jefferson claims to love someone else. The person in question is Giovanna, an eight-year-old girl, Jessica’s daughter. Jefferson declares all his love to the little one and how proud he is to have in some way a daughter like her, an educated person with a big heart. He promises to take care of her and support her forever. A very touching moment.

This video shows us this very exciting moment and the reaction of this little girl and her mother. Not even the guests, however, manage to hold back the tears. Indeed, it was a very touching moment.

The wedding day is so special but when something like that happens it becomes amazing.
When a woman who already has a daughter decides to marry another man she is always afraid that she will not be loved and respected as she deserves. Receiving such a declaration of love, therefore, was a great gift for this mother. Finding a man capable of loving so deeply not only his woman but also her child is fantastic.

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