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They put C-section twins near. What happens is amazing!

Twins have many things in common but above all they have a very strong bond that always surprises us. What happens to these newborn twins is a proof



They put C-section twins near. What happens is amazing!

The birth of a child is always a very special, exciting moment not only for parents, grandparents and relatives in general, but also for all the medical personnel who intervene to accomplish this true and own miracle.

In case of twin birth this incredible feeling is doubled. Anyway, a wonderful experience but certainly a more complex and difficult situation for both parents.

The twins, on the other hand, have a very special bond that links them from before their birth. This video is the proof. In fact, these twins are placed next to each other immediately after birth. What happens leaves everyone speechless.

The two children, named Leonidas Rylan and Reese Craven, were treated immediately after birth in separate places: immediately after cutting their umbilical cord, in fact, the children were washed, dressed and subjected to examinations and routine visits from hospital pediatricians.

During the medical examinations the two children cried a lot but what happens shortly afterwards can only leave us speechless and make us understand the strong bond between these two children and that invisible thread that binds two twins.

Their dad, a former football player named Lonie Paxton has in fact filmed with his camera the birth and the first moments of life of his children: he also managed to capture the moment when brother and sister were put together next to each other and suddenly and as if by magic, they stopped crying.

An incredible scene, touching and beautiful, to capture and remember for the rest of one’s life. Whatever happens in their lives, these twins know that they can always count on each other and that they will be linked by this indissoluble connection. There are no words to describe such strong and intense emotions.

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