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This man is waiting for the bride but she doesn’t wear the wedding dress

An unusual couple that decides to live their wedding day unconventionally. What the bride wears will make you laugh! Even the groom dooes it!



This man is waiting for the bride but she doesn't wear the wedding dress

When the bride enters the church for the groom, the excitement of seeing her is always amazing. This is a very special moment and it generally takes one step away from that “Yes, I will” that will keep them together for the rest of their life. This can be even more special if someone unexpected joins the ceremony!

Tom knows very well, a groom who has lived this moment with particular anxiety ever since he asked his girlfriend to marry him. Both dreamed of a bizarre marriage.

Beth decided to make a joke to her husband with the complicity of the photographer. The man asked Tom to turn around and wait for his “go” before he could turn around and discover his bride.

Meanwhile the woman approached her husband but had something hilarious in store for him and that would surely dampen the tension of that moment and make the atmosphere lighter and funnier.

When the man turns, in fact, he discovers that his wife does not wear a wedding dress and literally remains speechless before running towards her and enjoying that moment with her.

Every couple has a clear idea of how they want their wedding day. There are couples who believe in a more elegant style, others that focus on entertainment and others that like to be unconventional.

The couple in this video wanted their marriage to be unique and special, particular and original. Watching these images we immediately realize that they have succeeded.

The wedding day is so special but it can be even more amazing if a surprise is coming.

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