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Woman gave birth to her sixth child. The dad sees him and shouts: “Oh my God”

Attending to the birth of one’s children is always a great emotion. The reaction of this dad, however, is incredible. You can’t miss it



Woman gave birth to her sixth child. The dad sees him and shouts: “Oh my God”

Natalie is a mother of 5 beautiful girls who loves to madness. She’d do anything for their happiness. Natalie, however, knew that after all their family lacked something. She and her husband would have like to have a baby boy.

The man never openly showed his desire, he feared that he would do something wrong to his daughters and in the end even to his wife, who instead understood and shared his desire to hold a baby boy in her arms, a desire that he would certainly have diminished his love for the other 5 daughters.

That’s why when she found out to be pregnant of her sixth child, she decided with her husband not to know the sex of the child: they would find out at the time of birth and they would welcome him/her with love.

That day, in the delivery room, there was also the father and when the doctors told him to sit down because they had to give him news, the man almost felt bad before he discovered that it was a boy and he was healthy!

A truly irrepressible joy. Not only had he, in fact, become a father again but he had also fulfilled his dream: to have a baby boy.

His exclamations of joy made all the staff of doctors who shared that moment smile and even Natalie was happy because at that moment their family was finally complete.

A really exciting moment, a joy that is hard to describe in words and that cannot but be contagious. Moments that are remembered for the rest of life and that make us understand what really the things that matter in life are.

The life of this family can finally be even happier than before. This mom and dad can finally bring their baby boy home and fill him with love along with his 5 sisters.

Credits Video: YouTube – CATERS CLIP

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