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A dog dies two hours after playing in the water. Here’s how to avoid this incident

A family decides to take their dog to the beach to play with him. He never imagined what would happen. An incredible story



A dog dies two hours after playing in the water. Here's how to avoid this unpleasant incident

Anyone who has a dog knows how good it is to spend time outdoors in its company, in a park or by the sea. Our four-legged friends, in fact, need to play and spend time with us.

However, we must pay attention to some details that could endanger the lives of our beloved animals. The story of Jen Walsh and her his will really make us understand what dangers we can run and what to pay attention to to avoid such incidents.

Everything happens one day like many others. The Walsh’s went to the lake to spend a day together with the inseparable Schnauzer named Hanz. The latter spent almost an hour in the water playing to bring back a stick every time it was thrown.

At first it seemed to have a lot of fun for that game but slowly its attitude changed. Hanz started to get more and more tired and pee uncontrollably. The Walsh family, suspicious of Hanz’s unusual behavior, decided to take it to the vet immediately.

CREDITS: YouTube / Inside Edition

Unfortunately, however, the situation was already irreversible. The vet could do nothing to save the puppy.

What happened to little Hanz? Hanz had died from water poisoning known as hyponatremia. This is a fairly common condition among dogs, which leads to unintentionally taking excessive amounts of liquid, with a sudden drop in sodium levels.

Body cells fill with water and swell, including those in the brain. When all this happens the body gives way.

Our dogs do not realize that they ingest too much water and how dangerous this can be for their body. Probably not even Hanz’s owners suspected that the game could be so dangerous.

All this is even more dangerous in small dogs, whose body cannot dispose of excess liquids. We must therefore pay great attention to our puppies when they play with water, for example at the sea or even in the garden.

CREDITS: YouTube / Inside Edition

Never lose sight of them and pay attention to how much water they ingest. This could save their life.

The symptoms of this type of pathology, hyponatremia, are usually: loss of appetite, dilated pupils, frequent and uncontrolled urination, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, swelling, difficulty in breathing.

The Walsh family wanted to spread their experience on social networks so as to offer a testimony that could shed light on the many dangers we face and which we often do not pay attention to.

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