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A German shepherd meets its owner after a long time. Its reaction is wonderful!

This German shepherd has never forgotten its owner. When it meets him again after a long time it has an incredible reaction



A German shepherd meets its owner after a long time. Its reaction is wonderful

Only those who own a dog knows how much pets love us and give us all their affection without ever asking for anything in return except a bit of pampering and affection. Dogs, in particular, know how to express their feelings without veils, sometimes better than human beings.

The owner of this German shepherd knows it well. He would never have imagined that the puppy he had not seen for several months would have reserved for him such a reaction.

This German shepherd has been living for several months with a woman who loves in an extraordinary way and for whom it would do anything.

However, in Freya’s heart, there’s a space reserved to a special and important person: its first owner. This dog, in fact, can’t forget him!

One day the man decides to pay a visit to Freya and give it a surprise. You won’t image Freya’s reaction. The dog at first remains motionless before abandoning itself to an irrepressible reaction, emitting verses similar to those of a human cry.

The love felt for its owner, in fact, had never died out and re-emerged with all its power at that very moment. Images like that make us understand how much our dogs love their owner. The love they feel for them never ends.

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