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A little girl falls at the zoo. The reaction of a sea lion is incredible

A sea lion and a little girl are playing together. When she falls the animal’s reaction is touching. You won’t believe your eyes



A little girl falls at the zoo. The reaction of a sea lion is incredible

Animals have always had a great sensitivity towards men and, above all, children. Their love for their masters is truly boundless and they never cease to prove it, on every possible occasion. Animals that know how to stand next to their owners, cuddle them when they come back home from work, or thank them for saving them from certain death.

However, it is not only adults who conquer the heart of their four-legged friends, but especially the little ones, who often know how to be spiteful and bullying towards them, but who never tire of loving and appreciating.

The young master can also cry for a stolen toy or literally take a bone out of his mouth, but they will always show their love and devotion. An unconditional love, which asks nothing in return except love and respect.

These feelings, however, contrary to what one might think, are not only typical of domestic animals, but they often also belong to more aggressive animals.

Here we are in an aquarium and we are talking about a sea lion. A very special species, which certainly is not famous for its way of playing with adults or children. These images, however, show us a playful side of this species that perhaps we never expected.

A little girl starts running back and forth along the glass of the tank in which the sea lion is found. The latter seems to follow her and begins to swim back and forth along the tub, almost chasing the baby and playing with her. Already this attitude is really tender and very special, but what happens next really leaves you speechless.

At one point, however, the little girl in the heat of the game lost her balance and fell to the ground just as she was playing chase with the sea lion. When the child ends up on the ground, however, the sea lion immediately interrupts its swim and stops to stare at the baby. Its playmate is knocked out and it can’t help but worry.

His gaze, almost worried about what happened to the little one, is really exciting and shows how even these animals, less famous for their expressions of affection, know how to be sweet and tender, especially with the little ones, even if they they have only known for a few minutes.

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