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A severely burned dog meets the vet who saved its life. Here’s what happens

A dog was saved from a fire and immediately treated by a veterinarian who saved its life. What happens when it sees his doctor is incredible



A severely burned dog meets he vet who saved its life. Here's what happens

The story of this dog will move you to tears. This puppy was rescued by a firefighter during a fire and immediately transported to the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC). It was 2017 and that fireman gave him the name of Smokey.

“The little guy was burned up pretty good. Even when we grabbed him, he was very distressed. I was concerned whether he would live” the fireman said.

Dr. Latimer took care of him from the beginning. The puppy had reported several burns on the back and paws. It remained with him for a long time because itscondition was serious. “Smokey received multiple blood transfusions (THANK YOU” Shadow) !!! , daily baths and bandage / wrap changes. In addition, he received treatments in the hyperbaric chamber to help with reduction of swelling as well as pain from the multiple burns.”

A week after its discharge, Smokey returned to JPESC for a check-up and at that moment he saw the vet who took care of him and saved his life. A video shows us what happens when Dr. Latimer enters the room.

Smokey had not forgotten him and immediately ran to him covering him with kisses. “As you can see, he is SO thankful for all the care, love and treatments he received during his time with us! Welcome back, Smokey! ”JPESC wrote on YouTube.

A joy also felt by the vet, also happy to see his patient so healthy.

After some time from that terrible accident, Smokey finally found a home. A doctor from the facility adopted him and called him “Fen”. Now Fen is happy and dedicates itself to what has become its favorite activity, swimming.

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDITS : Youtube – Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center

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