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Family leaves the dog in a kennel because they are having a baby



Family leaves the dog in a kennel because they are having a baby

Every family should love its puppy and consider it a true family member.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In fact, dogs are often abandoned for many reasons.

Sometimes to go on vacation, to have more time or because a child is coming. This is what unfortunately happened to this dog.

Poor Rocco, this is the dog’s name, was abandoned at Dallas Animal Services. His eyes were frightened, he trembled like a leaf and seemed to ask anyone who looked at him “why am I here?” A heartbreaking scene!

A woman who visited the center saw Rocco and decided to do something to help him. He made a video and published it so that someone could adopt it and thus give him a better life.

Preethi Pillaipakkam saw the video and decided to go to the kennel and save Rocco. “He was very timid and scared to get into the car. He even hid beneath the seat in the car. He was pacing a bit and seemed very stressed.”

Preethi took Rocco to his home to take care of him. The German shepherd was undernourished, particularly sad and disoriented at the beginning. Thanks to another German shepherd present at home, little by little Rocco started to let himself go and play happily.

Rocco finally found a new home. Finally, it will happy!

Rocco’s story became viral in a short time. Many people wanted to share its misadventure. Such situations should never occur because no dog deserves to be abandoned by its family.

Photo and Video Credits: Facebook – DFW German Shepherd Rescue

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