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How does an elephant give birth? An exciting moment!

The moment an elephant gives birth allows us to discover fascinating aspects of these animals. A video allows us to witness this unique moment



How does an elephant give birth? An exciting moment!

Giving birth is one of the most fascinating moments of an individual’s entire existence. Whether it is a human being or another living form, in fact, the birth of a baby is always a particularly suggestive moment that shows how perfect nature is.

This video, in particular, shows us the birth of a small elephant. A very exciting moment!

The elephant is inside the Zurich zoo and the surveillance cameras capture what happens inside the enclosure: the birth of the little Ruwani.

The mother vents her pain against the walls, pushing the trunks lying on the ground. Shortly after a final push allows the baby elephant to be born.

Just then, another elephant appears and it does not seem to have good intentions. Even the mother does not seem to treat little Ruwani in the best way. In reality, this is the way elephants break the membrane that surrounds the puppy and let it breathe.

Exciting moments that make us discover aspects of life that not everyone knows. In fact, instinct guides these elephants to help the newborn. Nature is really very fascinating and surprises us more and more.

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