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The homeless is hospitalized. His dogs wait for him patiently outside the hospital

Dogs are man’s best friends and stories like this prove it! Very touching images that will make us think about how important our dogs are



The dog is truly man’s best friend: he remains faithful to his master forever, asking for nothing in return except a bit of food, cuddles and respect. He does not care about living in a luxurious home or eating quality food. What counts for him is the unconditional love of his master and to be able to stay with him always, at all times.

The main character of this story is called Luiz and has lived all his life on the street, together with his beloved four-legged companions; when he had a heart attack, all the dogs remained beside him, in their own way.

CREDITS: Facebook / Amigos de Patas Cianorte

Several times his family tried to dissuade him from that street life, but he never accepted their help and was always happy with his lifestyle. Struck by a heart attack, the man was immediately transported to the hospital where he was hospitalized for several days before he stabilized.

The dogs followed him from the first moment, chasing the ambulance carrying Luiz to the nearest hospital, and if they could, they would certainly have entered the operating room with him. The hospital staff witnessed the incredible scene, resuming it in a video that will show you how much love our four-legged friends can give us.

Not being able to enter the hospital, they howled and cried all the time that they remained outside the building, waiting in desperation.

CREDITS: Facebook / Amigos de Patas Cianorte

The organization Amigos de Patas Cianorte, who works in defense of animals, has worked to bring some care and relief to the dogs

Fortunately, in a few days Luiz was released but he was unable to immediately see his faithful animals and was entrusted to his brother’s care. The dogs continued to wait for him outside the hospital anyway, so much that one of the volunteers had to go in person to retrieve Luiz. The homeless was not so surprised by the loyalty of his dogs: he had always known and, for this very reason, loved them.

Luiz, who in addition to having physical problems also suffers from some mental disorder, agreed to receive basic care, a shower and some food. In a few days, he came back to his usual life together with his most faithful companions, his dogs!

CREDITS: Facebook / Amigos de Patas Cianorte

A truly touching story that makes us understand once again how much our animals can love us and how they can to do anything to stay with their owners.

A touching example of the friendship that can be established between an animal and its owner.

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