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A hostess finds a phone on board the plane. That’s how she finds the owner

A mobile phone lost in the aircraft and an incredible method used to find the owner. A video shows us what happens. You won’t believe your eyes



A hostess finds a phone on board the plane. That's how she finds the owner

Unfortunately, when you travel often happens to lose something. The rush, the plane to take, the luggage and the many commitments that characterize a trip are often the cause.

Sometimes you lose small and not important objects, like a magazine or a newspaper, but other times what get lost are more important objects, almost fundamental during a trip. An example is a mobile phone or a camera.

Finding them often is not easy and no matter how many complaints and requests are made, we end up not succeeding, which can seriously endanger our own holiday. The result is a lot of time spent in police stations, complaints office and endless phone calls with travel companies.

Now, however, a new method has been used by some airlines Companies, which allows the objects to be returned to their rightful owners in very few minutes and above all with a very low margin of error.

As the images show, this plane has arrived at its destination and as usual, all passengers get off. At that point, on-board personnel comes in to inspect the entire cabin to find items forgotten by passengers in the hurry to get off the aircraft.

In this case, the hostess finds a cell phone, certainly a very useful object in everyday life but almost essential on holiday. At this point the search for the owner of the object takes place. The method used, however, is certainly not the most conventional one.

Usually, in fact, all the objects found inside the plane end up in a special office where passengers can look for what they have lost. In this case, however, things go differently and a dog is used to find the mobile phone owner.

This little puppy has been trained, in fact, to succeed, through the smell of the object, to go back to its owner. The puppy is equipped with a special bib in which the hostess inserts the object to be returned and entrusts the puppy the task.

As the images show, in fact, the dog walks through the airport and when his nose identifies the owner of the cell phone, he rushes towards her and makes her understand that he has something for her. When the woman wades into the puppy’s bib she finds her cell phone, which she didn’t even realize she had lost.

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