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Eshima Ohashi Bridge: the steepest bridge in the world

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge is absolutely amazing! It is the steepest bridge in the world and you just need to look at it for a while to understand it!



Eshima Ohashi Bridge: the steepest bridge in the world

This bridge could be called a great engineering work but also one of the greatest insanities of modern man. This is the Eshima Ohashi Bridge and is located in Japan and you only need to look at it for just a few seconds to realize that this bridge is unique in the world.

It is 1.7 km long and 11.5 meters wide but not surprising for its size but for its slope that makes it look more like a roller coaster than a classic bridge.

Its structure, in fact, is formed by a steep climb, which makes the transit on this bridge incredible, particularly breathtaking.

Once again the proof that man is capable of constructing truly incredible works, both in their features and in their own design, as in the case of this bridge, which is certainly unique in the world for its characteristics.

Going through it is certainly an unforgettable and unique experience, which will bring to life emotions that are not usually experienced when crossing a normal bridge. A video shows us this incredible bridge.

Certainly you have never seen anything like it. If you are in Japan, then, it is really worth crossing it. You will never forget this experience!

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