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Here are the remains of the Orient Express, the luxury train that marked an era

Amazing the Orient Express. A photographer decided to realize incredible pictures of it. The photos will let you speachless



Here are the remains of the Orient Express, the luxury train that marked an era

During its years in service, the Orient Express was a symbol of luxury and charm. For almost a hundred years, in fact, it has boasted the record of the most fascinating and luxurious passenger train that has ever existed, so that it was one of the most used vehicles.

Brian, a photographer specialized in photography of abandoned places and objects, decided to dedicate his attention to the Orient Express in Belgium. His interest and his passion have allowed him to make really fascinating shots that we show you in this article.

The original section of the Orient Express connected Paris to Istanbul (then known as Constantinople) for a total of over 2,000 kilometers. That journey was for many a real objective, due to the charm of the carriages and the stories that were circulating about it that did nothing but increase the desire to get on at least once aboard that particularly suggestive train.

Even today, despite the degradation and abandonment, the Orient Express arouses a deep emotion in the people who admire it and Brian with his photographs has perfectly captured that soul of a train that for almost a century has been the dream of so many people since 1883, when it was inaugurated.

For that time the Orient Express was one of the most revolutionary and modern trains ever existed that certainly did not lack comfort and luxury. In 1977 they opted for the disposal of this train that has somehow marked an era, and touched the souls of millions of people. These images show the current state of abandonment and degradation but nevertheless it has become a real tourist attraction.

Some sections remained active until 2009 but the Orient Express continues to live in the memory of those who had the pleasure of trying it and in the numerous cinematographic and literary quotations that see it as a protagonist. Here is a poster that advertised the journey on the Orient Express, its main stages and the path followed. A real historical relic, a direct testimony of an age long gone but always alive in memory.

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