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Here is the most luxurious yacht ever

An extremely luxurious yacht with all the comforts. A video shows it in detail, inside and out. You woon’t believe your eyes!



Here is the most luxurious yacht ever

This is definitely the most luxurious yacht you’ve ever seen.

A real jewel of the seas, a true exponent of the luxury of this sector. It’s called J’ade and is owned by the Italian company CRN, belonging to the Ferretti group. It is a 60-meter yacht that holds real jewels inside.

Watching the images of its external and above all internal structure, you will really be amazed by its unbridled luxury and the many services on board, which will make you forget for a moment that what you are actually looking at is a yacht.

A structure and finishes of great value, so much that the yacht was awarded the “Best Interior” award at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show. Inside, in fact, we have very large and spacious rooms, fine finishes, a hammam room, rooms with kitchenette and private bathroom and an indoor pool.

What makes this yacht even more spectacular is the presence of a piano and an edge, but above all a real garage, where you can park an 8-meter motorboat for trips at sea, is even more spectacular.

In short, everything you could ask for on a yacht holiday. “We are experimenting in the field of design. Our goal is to make these features standard for our yachts, in order to give our customers more and more exclusive products” said CRN Sales Director Luca Boldrini.

A video shows us this jewel, both from the outside and from the inside to make us really realize the great luxury that characterizes this yacht and the reasons for which it received such a prestigious award.

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