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Japan: this train is cleaned in just 7 minutes. That’s how

In Japan a team can clean a train in just 7 minutes. How is that possible? A video shows us what happens inside these trains. Incredible!



Japan: this train is cleaned in just 7 minutes. That's how

Anyone who has ever taken a train knows that cleanliness is absolutely essential to be able to enjoy your journey. But is cleaning on the train on which we travel always impeccable? Unfortunately, the answer is often no.

Certainly, however, we are not talking about a train from Japan, where a skilled team of men and women, in fact, manage to clean a train in just 7 minutes. Amazing!

Very few minutes and movements synchronized and studied in detail, in fact, are enough to ensure a perfect cleaning of this train between one run and another so that passengers can enjoy the greatest comfort possible.

A video shows us these men and women at work on a train and can only leave us speechless.

Truly stunning images that show us this incredible team at work, which in just 7 minutes brings the train back to its original condition, disinfecting and clearing it of any waste in order to make it ready for the next race.

Have you ever seen anything like that? The proof that with commitment and organization you can get incredible results. If all the trains were cleaned with this speed and this accuracy traveling would certainly be much more pleasant.

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