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Dubai: boy revs up with his Lamborghini. Here’s what happens

People say less is more. We can only agree, especially after watching what happens to this boy on his Lamborghini. Incredible



Dubai: boy revs up with his Lamborghini. Here’s what happens

Going around on a Lamborghini certainly always attracts the admiring look of many people, car enthusiasts or not. The most egocentric, however, are not happy enough and want to attract even more attention to themselves.

That’s what this guy did in Dubai. As this video shows, in fact, the young man is his Lamborghini and stops at the traffic lights.

While waiting for the green to come and then start, he decides to attract the attention of the cars next to him showing the power of his car and its horsepower. Here, then, that he starts to rev up. His exhibitionism, however, is really excessive and ends up playing him a very ugly joke.

The Lamborghini, in fact, soon catches fire. Initially the flames are contained and the young man doesn’t look worried but soon he is forced to stop and get out of his vehicle, abandoning it in the street.

The demonstration that when you exaggerate you always end up making bad figures. In this case, in fact, the young man was so intent on bragging about his car that he didn’t realize that he was seriously damaging it. Such an attitude can often be very dangerous because it can lead to potentially deadly situations.

A milder and less exhibitionist attitude can certainly bear fruit over time and give us great satisfaction.

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