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Dubai: sold the most luxurious motorhome in the world for 2 million dollars

An extraordinary and very luxurious 2 million dollar motorhome. A unique piece perfect for lovers of luxury and comfort. Amazing



Dubai: sold the most luxurious motorhome in the world for 2 million dollars

Anyone who loves campers can only remain speechless in front of this jewel of the sector.

It has been sold in Dubai for $ 2 million and you just have to look at these images to see why. It is a truly unique camper van, equipped with amenities very similar to those of a luxury home.

It’s called eleMMent Palazzo and has a really wonderful design, which recalls the futuristic and spatial techniques. Even its external shell will leave you speechless, but it’s the inside that reveals its greatness.

Finishes and elements of great value, large and well-made spaces that will certainly not make you regret a home. Bar, spacious bedroom, 40-inch TV and even a small terrace are just some of the breathtaking features of this wonderful motorhome.

A video shows it both outside and inside and will drive not only camper enthusiasts crazy but also those who know little about this unique means of transport. One thing is certain, such a motorhome is truly one of a kind and not for everyone. A truly unique and rare piece.

A real jewel of technology not available to everyone but that will make us discover many aspects of this exclusive and particular means of transport. It will be perfect for those who love traveling by camper but without giving up luxury and comfort.

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