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It is the highest mobile crane in the world. Amazing!

A crane with incredible dimensions and features. A video shows us all the amazing details. You will not believe your eyes!!



It is the highest mobile crane in the world. Amazing!

A crane is a tool that is widely used in many work environments. In fact, it is an extremely powerful tool that proves to be useful and of fundamental importance in so many areas when something needs to be raised.

The crane protagonist of this video is different from all the others. It is a Liebherr LTM and in particular the tallest and most powerful telescopic crane in the world.

It has a capacity of 1200 t and its telescopic arm can be extended up to a length of 100 m thanks to its eight sections. Should the crane lift particularly heavyweights, a counterweight of 200 t is positioned to keep the crane in perfect balance.

It is, therefore, a particular and incredible crane, with a capacity of six 367-horsepower cylinders and an eight-cylinder engine with 680 horsepower. This particular crane has 18 wheels and nine axles. Its telescopic arm is 20 m long in a folded position and with a width of 3 m.

Thanks to these characteristics, it can travel any type of road, even the most insidious. The images show us this particular crane and its exceptional characteristics.

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