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Man coats his car with polyurethane foam to transform it

A man man made an incredible transformation of his car using polyurethane foam. The result is absolutely incredibile. Find out more



Being able to turn an old car into a technological gem is not easy at all. We need great commitment, dedication but also a lot of work.

In the case of the man who is the protagonist of this video, so much imagination and a lot of manual skills have also been served. The result achieved, however, was really exciting. The protagonist of this little miracle bought the car for just over $ 50.

As you can see in the images, in fact, the car was in very bad condition and also lacked some pieces both outside and inside.

This, however, has in no way stopped the young man who has decided to turn that old car into a real jewel. As the images show, he covered both the inside and the outside of his car with polyurethane foam and started modeling his car, piece by piece.

After defining the interiors as well, he painted the whole car and applied small elements that did nothing but enrich his work even more. In the end, the result is surprising.

With a small investment, in fact, this man now has a car that he paid only $ 50 but is worth about $ 50,000. A truly incredible transformation, just like make up can transform a young girl.

Small tricks that save a lot of money while still achieving a perfect result. Sometimes it is enough to simply use objects or tools that we already have available in a creative and intelligent way to achieve an extraordinary result! It will be very interesting even watching what happens pouring boiling water onto a car body.

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