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The district prevents him from putting the door in his garage. His solution is brilliant!

With a brilliant and incredible solution, this man solved his problem. Here’s what he decided to do in his garage. You won’t believe your eyes



In the last years, the car trend has taken two different “roads”: on the one hand, there are those who are unable to give up the comfort, the space inside the passenger compartment, the large boot and all those comforts that only an SUV or a large crossover can give.

On the other hand, there are, instead, all those citizens who live in cities where traffic has reached incredible levels and parking is almost impossible: all these people prefer to give up the exaggerated size of an SUV and buy city cars or very compact SUVs as they are easier to park.

There are also municipalities that have specific rules regarding vehicles that can go through the streets of their urban core, especially in the central and historical areas: more and more cities, in fact, establish limited traffic areas whose access is allowed only to vehicles of a certain range, electric and ecological city cars.

And finally, some people have to deal with the laws of their own district that are not well understood as they prevent them from doing what they want.

What to do at that point? Should we break the law of the Municipality in which we reside? Or surrender? None of this! Eric Vekeman, the protagonist of this story, was able to find a brilliant solution to his problem.

After closing his business, in fact, this man decided to use the space as a garage but he would have needed to put an adequate door for what was now a garage to keep his car.

The district where he lives, however, prevented him from putting the door because it would have changed the facade of the building. The solution this man found is really brilliant.

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